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Anita Sant'Anna, PhD

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After 12 years as a researcher at Halmstad University, Anita now spends her time as a consultant in Viniam and her new venture ResearchOnTheGo AB. At Viniam, Anita supports a number of research groups and companies to better understand current technologies and how they may be used to support health and well being.  At ResearchOnTheGo, Anita is developing tools for easy and secure collection of self-reported data using mobile phones. 

Anita holds a PhD in Information Technology - Signal and Systems - from Halmstad University, Sweden. She started her research career developing methods and algorithms for analyzing human movement using wearable sensors. Her movement analysis research includes the characterization of gait symmetry in Parkinson’s patients and the evaluation of quality of gait after hip-replacement surgery.

Currently, her research makes use of wearable sensors, smart-phones and smart-home sensors to capture and model the relationship between user activity, behavior, and health. This includes the development of signal processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. She is involved in both regional and European projects aiming to develop personalized decision support systems that help individuals adopt healthy behaviors, from improving exercise routines to medication adherence to mental health. 

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